On a Painting Streak

So, even though I learned the Flemish (indirect) painting technique in January, I decided I would ditch the method because it takes too much time to finish a single painting. I went back to direct painting, utilizing an unused watercolor paper as the surface of my study. I painted a portrait of the writer and… Continue reading On a Painting Streak

Perhaps in Another Lifetime

Mikhail Pletnev. Graphite on A4 paper. 2020

It was a denim jacket.

I had never drawn anything made of denim before, but I knew it must be quite bothersome, if not difficult. I decided to try replicating it as best as I can for a certain amount of time, since I don’t have that much time in my hands for drawing, and this is the result. I couldn’t capture enough details on an A4 paper unless I used a 0.3 pencil, so I did. I’m quite satisfied with the result, considering I spent around 3-4 hours working on this.

Well, I could’ve spent more time, but what for? I’m only doing this for fun, because I was too fed up with studying and wanted to know, out of curiosity, how I would be able to capture a certain photograph of a Russian pianist.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not an artist. Right now I’m studying to be accepted in radiology residency and it’s all I think about these days.

Perhaps in another lifetime, I would be an artist. In such case, I would work on my drawings for hours and hours until it’s perfect. Until then, I’m gonna stick with my main job.


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Hello! My name is Komang. I’m a medical doctor and artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. On this website I’m gonna share what I know about art and occasionally, notes about my thoughts.

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