On a Painting Streak

So, even though I learned the Flemish (indirect) painting technique in January, I decided I would ditch the method because it takes too much time to finish a single painting. I went back to direct painting, utilizing an unused watercolor paper as the surface of my study. I painted a portrait of the writer and philosopher Albert Camus in color for my study and it went pretty well, at least according to two professional artists that I consulted with.

Albert Camus. Oil on watercolor paper, 21×32 cm.

Afterwards, I continued with a second study by making my boyfriend as my model. I actually simply continued an abandoned painting I had made beforehand when I attempted to paint using the Flemish technique. I had stopped at umber layer back then.

And now it’s turned into this:

Portrait of my boyfriend. Oil on board, 21 x 29.7 cm.

Now I’m opening a commission of oil painting portrait. I’ve got one painting that I’m going to finish this week and I’m pretty excited about it!

Meanwhile, I still got my medical illustration project to work on… but sadly I can’t share my illustrations here for the sake of copyright.

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