A Few Updates from This Week: Back to Creating Art!

So, I finished my residency entrance exam last week. As I’m waiting for the announcement for the residency program, I’ve been looking for activities to fill my time. The announcement will be on December 7, just one week for now. But not doing anything while waiting just makes it feel longer. Here are some of the things I did in the past week:

Finished five medical illustration artworks. A project assigned by my friend C who is an intern at the urology department in my hospital. There are still 6 more to be made. I borrowed her Wacom tablet (the cheapest one in the brand) and it helped me a lot.

Customized my iTerm. Okay, since I got a new friend named B, I’ve been motivated to learn a little coding. I started by learning how to use the terminal, since that’s the first lesson in Learn Python the Hard Way. I want to learn Python because I know I’ll need it to apply AI in radiology. So I installed iTerm because it’s cooler than MacOS’s default Terminal, made it look a little prettier, and changed the shell to bash.

Happiness turns out to be quite simple: making your Terminal look pretty.

Started Learning PHP. There’s this good Indonesian website on learning how to code called DuniaIlkom, and I just realized that I’ve bought a book from that site a looong time ago about PHP. I don’t know exactly what came into me but I’m determined to make my perfect website, which is difficult to accomplish using WordPress.

Finished a book. It’s been a while since I read a book, really. The book is called “If God is Great, then Why Do Humans Still Suffer?” It’s an Indonesian book on religion written by Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, Indonesia’s Islamic liberal figure. The book gave a lot of insights despite being so short. Now I’m off to continue reading a book that I abandoned, “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

Jika Tuhan Maha Kuasa, Kenapa Manusia Menderita? | MOJOKSTORE.COM

Painted two pictures with watercolor. The first one is a copy of Bouguereau while the second is a picture of Mt. Bromo. The second is the result of a workshop by Yenti Amelia.

I’d say it’s been a very productive week. Now, I’m gonna continue making some illustration…

3 thoughts on “A Few Updates from This Week: Back to Creating Art!”

  1. I used to run a website hosted on a friend’s server, and I had to design the whole thing from the ground up. It is really fun to have that much freedom, and you can get some really interesting results with just html, php, css, and javascript. But it was a lot of work!

    I currently run several sites on WordPress, which makes the maintenance far easier — at the expense of freedom and power to tinker. You can do a lot with WordPress, and it makes good looking and usable sites, but it defiitely limits your creativity.

    Nice illustration!


      1. I have one for my music hobby, one for my blog about medicine and faith, another for trail running, one for my wife’s artwork, one for my kids and their cousins to mess around on. Website building is a fun hobby, even if you don’t wield all of the levers of control.


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