Two Days into Watercolor

I was first introduced to watercolor roughly ten years ago in high school when I had a chair mate who was proficient in art, especially watercolor and Chinese painting. I remember watercolor being the most difficult medium in art, and I struggled a lot with it. Now I have become a doctor and I still think it’s the most difficult medium in art, but I’ve received guidance from a watercolorist who taught me stuff and changed my paradigm regarding this beast of a medium. Also, I watched several tutorials on Youtube. I wanted to take a break from drawing.

For the last two days I have made three paintings. This productivity surprised even me, to be honest. All of them were made using watercolor on Baohong Artist CP 300 gsm paper.

[1] The first painting I made is of Braun, a cat I used to have. I used a photo that I took a long time ago for reference. Here I pretty much improvised the leaves and I couldn’t even make the pot symmetrical lol.

[2] For the next one, I painted a misty forest by following a tutorial by Kalliopi Lyviaki on Youtube.

[3] I’m not ready to paint landscapes, so I’ve resorted to painting a single object, i.e. cats. This one is called Tini, a street cat who frequented my house. I love her tortoiseshell colors and I thought it would be awesome to paint in watercolor.

My favorite artist for animal painting is Endre Penovac. There are several demos of cat painting on Youtube and I think I’m gonna study more of them. [1] [2]

So, there you go. Stay tuned for more updates on my watercolor journey!

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