Why Write?

I’ve been drawing ever since I could remember, unlike writing. Reading long texts has never been something that come naturally to me, let alone write (those who write usually began as readers). I tried writing once, during medical school, when I befriended a peer who writes as a hobby. I began reading as well, from young adult novels to general fiction. That was the last time I wrote.

And now that I’m drawing regularly, I’ve decided to write again.

I want to document my thoughts and ideas regarding my process, as well as showcase my best works in one place. I think it’s important to take note of one’s ideas as a source of inspiration for future works. It can also serve as an interesting read to the future, to know how far you’ve gone in the journey. To rediscover the things you were interested in. To realize the mistakes you made and plan how you’re going to solve it.

All in all, I think writing about creating art is important in the process of art making itself.

Maybe you’ll find something interesting here, maybe not. I certainly don’t expect anyone to be enjoyed by my ramblings, but it would be nice if this blog could be a good read for everybody else.

Yours truly,


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